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EHS Environment Health Safety

Bathco has maintained a long-standing commitment to sustainable business practices regarding the environment wherever we operate. We also believe in conducting all business activities with the highest safety and health standards.

Protecting the environment and sustainable usage of natural resources is not only a major topic of discussion at Bathco, we believe it is our duty. We try to make sustainable decisions within our daily work and life. Bathco continually aims to improve its sustainable business practices by incorporating innovation and research to design products, systems and services for cleaner production, handling and eco-efficiency.

The health of our employees, partners and other stakeholders remains our highest priority. We are fully committed to ensuring that safety is not compromised at any point. At Bathco, we are entirely determined to continuing and improving our safety performance with the ultimate goal of Zero Harm.

Environment, Health & Safety
At Bathco, we always conduct our business with a highly dedicated and proactive approach. We are aware of and embrace our responsibility towards the environment, personal safety and towards the community. Due to the fact that each employee at Bathco is responsible for their behavior, we expect that while performing job duties, every individual is responsible for ensuring that they conduct themselves in a manner that not only ensures the high standards of the company, but also strengthens them.

Our underlying belief is that all injuries, occupational illnesses and environmental or community incidents are preventable. We aim to eliminate them. Everyone in our organization has the authority and responsibility to stop the work they are doing and find a better way if the current method is unsafe or may cause harm to health, the environment or the surrounding community.

As a condition of employment, every one of our employee’s personal responsibilities include:

  • Working together to progressively identify and eliminate unsafe conditions and acts from the workplace.
  • Identifying and addressing occupational health risks to create a healthier workplace.
  • Getting trained to be competent with applying our health and safety responsibilities.
  • Continually monitoring and improving our use of natural resources.
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling materials wherever possible in an effort to minimize waste.
  • Identifying and undertaking efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas intensity of our business.
  • Minimizing any emissions and the impact of our operations through effective pollution prevention.
  • Working towards understanding what is important to our communities and addressing their concerns about our business.
  • Working to build long-term partnerships with communities, governments, our business partners and other stakeholders to create sustainable improvements in health, safety, the environment and the community.

Support from Bathco
As a corporate partner, to support the E.H.S. standards, Bathco commits to:

  • Ensuring this policy is implemented by making leaders accountable and through allocation of resources to achieve these plans.
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable laws, Bathco standards and other requirements as a minimum foundation of E.H.S. performance.
  • Implementing and maintaining recognized management systems and programs, including measurable objectives and targets, that ensure appropriate and consistent implementation of this E.H.S. policy.
  • Promoting executive, employee and community awareness of E.H.S. issues through ongoing training, communication programs and public reporting of performance
  • Regularly reviewing this policy to ensure it remains appropriate to our activities.

We will be glad to address all questions or concerns regarding any environmental, health or safety issue. Please contact us using the information provided below.

Please advise us of any suspected irregularity regarding our Environmental, Health and Safety company policy. Our E.H.S. Manager will maintain strict confidentiality concerning all reports and related information, and can also ensure anonymity at your request.

E.H.S. Management

Phone: + 41 44 586 30 51
E-Mail: ehs@bathco.ch