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Bath Material processing services that set the world standard

Typically, a smelter generating a surplus of Bath Material will have to crush it to certain technical specifications and then bag it in order to reuse it, but often these are not the same specifications needed in order to sell the excess. Especially since more and more Bath is going into industries outside of primary aluminium, where other specifications are needed. Bathco makes it easier. We will either process your surplus Bath on-site in your facility using our staff and equipment or off-site in our own facilities. Bathco can process the Bath Material to whatever specification is required to sell it. Including eliminating impurities, grinding it into specific grain sizes according to consumer preferences and alternative packing.

By allowing Bathco to handle the processing, you have the freedom to focus on your core competencies, just as this is a core business for us. It reduces coordination work, saves money and it allows you to streamline your operations by removing tasks that might otherwise absorb valuable in-house resources.

Additionally, Bathco can accept various levels of quality in source material (Cover or Basement Bath, Off-Spec, Pure Bath, etc.) and then process it to provide the highest quality product, which improves stability and asking price.

There is no additional outsourcing cost to you for our processing services. Our fee is covered with the material price thereby lowering your CAPEX. In the end, we make it easier, cheaper and more profitable for you to sell your surplus Bath Material. Yet more importantly, by being able to adapt it to the customers’ requirements, we are opening future markets for your products. Bathco will also make commitments to purchase and even guarantee to purchase all the over capacity material from you during established time periods.

Bathco operates according with the highest EHS standards and is audited externally. As the global leader in Bath Material, our cost efficient, streamlined processing plus our industry specific operational expertise, makes Bathco the clear choice in Bath Material processing.