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The developer of energy efficient electrolysis equipment joins the Bathco Group.

APC™ – Advanced Process Control

APC™ (Advanced Process Control) is a PLC based system designed to manage and optimize the alumina feed in a reduction cell for effective mass balance control, enhancing metal production and energy savings while predicting and preventing anode effects.

APC™ is an easy and effective solution to increase Current Efficiency by about 1 percent on average whilst lowering the pot operating voltage, thereby resulting in a lower power consumption (about 300 – 500 kWh/MT savings). Supplementary gains are a significant reduction in Anode Effects (frequency and duration) and effective sludge control, ensuring a clean pot bottom and hence a CVD (Cathode Voltage Drop) reduction of at least 10 mV.

When the APC™ is combined with the Metsol MPF™ system (Multi Point Feeding) additional savings and improvement of metal purity (P0202 or better) can be achieved. APC™ is available in two turnkey versions which are either installed as a supplement to the existing reduction cell microcomputer or set up as a
standalone system.

Multi Point Feed (MPF) Technology

The use of MPF leads to improved metal purity (low iron and silicon contents) thereby giving the primary aluminum metal producer flexibility in producing premium products for better revenues. Using MPF technology also reduces the frequency and duration of “Anode Effects”, a phenomenon arising from inadequate alumina feeding in the cell, leading to the emission of extremely potent greenhouse gases. MPF technology is an effective solution to reducing a smelters carbon footprint and lowering operational costs.

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